Monday, June 15, 2009

Starting Over

I had a client recently tell me (re: her marriage) that she needed to just start over. Yes! I totally agreed with her, and NOT that she needed a divorce, but that their relationship needed a new start...get rid of old baggage, do something different, make it better!! I think I've had plenty of times in life when I needed to "start over" and that's not so bad! I was thankful for Amberli's post a while back on 'doing something different' inspired me to make a better plan for my scripture reading, seeing as how 11:oopm wasn't really working for me-- I tried something different and have been very happy with the results! So, if something is not working in your life-start over, do something different, and find a better way!
All that rambling really was for me, because for several weeks in a row I felt super frustrated with the amount of whining/not "nice" talking in our house. My reminders, pleas, threats, etc. were not helping the problem, so finally I remembered to do something different! and I made a little chart...
Every time the kids get there magnet to 15, they get the "prize" previously agreed upon written on the sticky note (the latest challenge: a frosty from Wendy's) Anyway, it's going amazingly well so far...but I'm sure there will come a day in the not-so-distant-future when this chart doesn't work so amazingly, and I'll "start over" again!

Addison is 2 days away from being done with Kindergarten! But he definitely has mixed feelings, he has told me more than once that he doesn't want school to end- but I assure him that the summer will be loaded with fun stuff, and then school will start again!...I think he'll be okay

I'm sure he'll be doing a lot of this, along with Vacation Bible School, a trip to the lake (or 2!), a Harvey family reunion, visits from aunts, nanas, and cousins, and a big 6 year-old birthday party!

So far Laynie has proven that she will be exhausted all summer long. Whenever she spends time out in the sun, she is one worn out little girl! Last Thursday she went to bed all by herself at 5:30pm! Kelly even tried to get her up to eat some dinner, but she wouldn't have it! She slept until 7am the next morning!

And this is evidence of how hard Laynie plays! She and her friends made mud pies, mud soup, and everything else there is to make out of mud this past weekend! It made for a dirty little girl and a cute picture!

Miss Hailey loves the summertime! She is all smiles when she is outside, at the splash pad, or even just watching the kids play...but let's be honest, when is Hailey NOT "all smiles?"
I believe I will have an eventful summer too- in addition to all of our fun activities, I also received a new calling yesterday- Primary President (help from any of my more experienced friends and family would be appreciated!!) I had a different plan in mind, so I was surprised to receive this calling! But I sure love our primary kids and I'm happy to serve them.


Campbell Family said...

Great advice, beautiful pictures, and a fun announcement! You'll be a great P.P.!!!

Amberli said...

hooray for doing something different! woo hoo! i LOVE the chart. what a brilliant and so darling idea. you are clearly designed to be the primary president!!! you'll do so great!

Mary said...

I love the picture of Laynie all dirty. I wish I could be that age again for just a bit. Perfection.

Ditto Family said...

You go girl!!! Primary president...your ward threw a major party the day you and Kelly moved in.

Can't wait to see you all soon --

Amanda said...

We fill jars with rice to win the prize at our house. It has been working off and on for a little while. That could be your next New thing if you need one later on... I am the PP here and love the children and will cry my eyes out when they release me some day. Hopefully not soon!!! I hope you have wonderful counselors I know it makes your job so much easier. I have found that often the hardest part is staffing all the places that primary is over! Good luck!

jaime said...

Thanks for the advice... I actually really needed it! :) Too much whining/argueing here!

Good luck with the new calling... you will be a wonderful Primary President and if you need help... ask Amber because she is an awesome one too! :)