Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dancing Queen!

Laynie performed her Halloween dance for us was a delight. She certainly does not mind being in the spotlight.

Why is she the only one spinning you wonder? I asked myself that question also...

She and her friend Kate were both witches!

And a bow at the end of course!!
In other news...can I just say that I am so thankful to have a friend who is a pediatrician who calls me in August to tell me to sign up for the H1N1 study THAT DAY! I did, and Addison and Laynie got the swine flu vaccine in the first part of September! Now almost everyone we know has had it (or something like it...) but my kiddos, nothing! Even KELLY was sick this week-- he was sure our house was freezing at one moment, and then he was sweating the next! He could do nothing but sleep for two whole days! But I still have healthy kids (knock on wood!) So, not only did the kids get vaccinated, "they" also got money! and no, I did not give it to them OR put it into their college funds (does that make me a bad mom?) but we DO contribute to their college fund every month :)

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Ditto Family said...

Sounds like a case of swine flu to me! So glad your kids will get to avoid it...I hope you do too!

Laynie looks adorable!