Thursday, January 14, 2010

*** Christmas Eve ***

Is there a more exciting day than Christmas Eve? Judging by Addison's sleeping patterns, no way! (I don't know if he slept AT ALL Christmas Eve!) What a great day it was this year!! We started a new delicious tradition: Santa Pancakes! Thanks Deena for the great idea! We loved them!

How could you not love something smothered in whipped cream?!?

Here I am making last minute adjustments to some Christmas had been FOREVER since I had pulled out my beads! Thanks for the beading lesson Erin...the *Bling* was a hit! :)

The REAL festivities started with some DELICIOUS food! and that's what you'll get every time the Dittos are all together!

Then the famous program- Addison and Laynie sang "Meine Familie liebe ich" for their talent (that's Families can be together forever in GERMAN!) and then we watched the Nativity starring all the grandkids! SO FUN!

Jammie time! Hailey just discovered she has pockets!

We took about 5 of these, and this is the best one...not good...but they did look cute in their new jammies!

After Santa came :)...and stay tuned for more!!

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Ditto Family said...

What a delicious day!! I can't believe how nice everyone wraps their presents. It makes our wrapping job look like rubbish.