Thursday, February 18, 2010

This post is prompted by a client that I've been thinking about all week. He and his wife came in a few weeks ago and we talked about all the normal 'fix-your-marriage' kind of stuff. And then last week he said "I've really been pondering and praying and the same answer keeps coming to me." really? what is that? "well, first I just feel like I need to be really honest with my feelings, and my feelings are that this marriage is not working." You're Right (I almost screamed!) Your marriage isn't working...but that feeling doesn't mean you need to divorce- you do have another option- you can change!
I have been thinking about how as human beings sometimes we give-up a little too easily and go with what's easy instead of WORKING to CREATE the life we want! (sorry to all my friends who have to put up with these little counselor raves all too much!)
Probably something you don't know about me is that I'm always writing a my head. This week's book is all about creating the life we want...NOT going with the flow, but working to become the person you want to be and create the relationships in your life that will be happy and fulfilling. I think God wants us to create, and where better to start than our own lives?
Okay, enough of are some random tidbits that kind of have to do with creating, since we "create" children and (sometimes unfortunately) realize they are so much like us.
Addison said to me "Mom, can you put on some music?" Sure, and I reached for the kids music... "Not kid's music! something like this 'bawm-chica-bawm-bawm'...yes he was attempting to beat box...sound like anyone else you know? (Kelly is the right answer...he's a champion beat-boxer)
Today Laynie and I were talking about being nervous and how sometimes you feel a little sick to your stomach when you're nervous. Laynie said "Oh, just like you feel sick in your stomach when we whine?" uh, yep...just like that.
And my sweet Hailey has finally started putting up with a little less from her siblings. Lately when they do something she doesn't like, she points at them and says in her toughest voice "Right Now!" ...I have no idea where she learned that...


Ditto Family said...

Man you are the best counselor!! You should write a book. Keep your counseling ideas flowing in your blog so the rest of us benefit until the book gets published.

Mary said...

So random, "Ditto family" was apparently friends with mine and Travis's cousin as I saw her commenting on the birth of their new baby. It's crazy how we all connect somehow.

Tiffany said...

sigh. I sure miss sharing philosophies with you Annie! It's so good to hear you express them on your blog. I think your "create" post is a great connection to our "choosing happiness" talk(s) that I have at my house with my family. We re-create our lives everyday, so let's make it happy and worthwhile:)