Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Here is my big 7-year-old right before his party- in fact he instructed my dad to take this picture... Again, a big thanks to Steve, the best neighbor ever, for constructing the lovely blue-tarp canopy...I thought we'd need it for shade, which we did, but it also came in handy when Addison was opening up presents and the sky decide to open up too, dumping rain for a good 15 minutes...but thanks to Steve, we all stayed dry, happy, and OUTSIDE!

Addison was dying for a pinata this year, but I was dying when I saw the price! So, Aunt Mimi and I tried our hand at paper mache! It didn't work so well for our first 2 attempts, but the 3rd time's a charm! The kids painted and decorated it, and Kelly strung it for the kids to hit...

And hit it they did!, or should I say hit it HE did...Addison was the only one who got to swing at it before it broke and the pandemonium began!

This was the best I could come up with for a "Lego Cake" also at Addison's request.

How did he get to be 7 already?? and SO handsome!

After opening these legos up, he promptly disappeared into his room for at least an hour building this contraption...

Only later did he discover that some of his other presents are also fun!

I got pink toes for my birthday! (the other ones are Mary's)
And I also got to eat my favorite meal CAFE RIO PORK, or if you live at our house and are trying to get the kids to eat, you call it Root Beer meat. Such a yummy dinner was followed by an even yummier cake- Chocolate Ganache SO DELICIOUS! Thanks Deena!

And so many kids for share my birthday with!

Like Happy Henry,

teenage Laynie, (what is she even doing?)

And the whole group doing the traditional Ditto leaf throwing ritual-
JUST KIDDING, there are really no rituals in the Ditto family, but doesn't it look like it could be?


Amy & Greg said...

Annie, glad you and Addison had great birthdays. I was at the mall today and noticed that they have new Lego shoes. I thought, "Wow! Why didn't I think of that!" Kids are going to love those.

Blayre said...

sad we missed it- that pict of Laynie is amazing!