Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hailey the Lady-bug (if this costume looks familiar, it's because Laynie wore it last year...after she danced at her dance recital in it...recycling is so great.
Laynie wanted to be a "girl pirate"...perfect, we had TONS of pirate stuff, and I found black "piratey boots" at the $.25 sale!!
Addison is the transformer...a buy that happened THE DAY OF Halloween, but also a good deal...$2.75!!
Addison reported that his shoulders hurt from carrying his bag around...yeah, he got a lot...
Hailey was a champion trick-or-treater, and SO happy with the result!
Now for the star of the this the cutest little duck you've ever seen??!

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Rodger said...

excellent camera work. particularly like the composition of Addison's Candy Stash!