Monday, April 7, 2008

Sharing = Warm fuzzies?

Yesterday the kids were enjoying a Popsicle and Addy said "Laynie, I'll give you a bite if you give me one." Amazingly enough, she agreed, and they swapped Popsicles for a minute so they could try each other's flavor. My dad was watching the whole scenario, and he being the type never to pass up a good teaching moment, said to Addison, "Wow, that was sure nice Addy, how does that make you feel inside?" Addison looked at him and without skipping a beat said "Cold!" Of course Papa, how else would eating a Popsicle make you feel inside?


matthew emilee sarah and jack said...

hey annie i just wanted to say your kids are two cute . I have finally figured out this blog thing and joined the bloging world .

Amberli said...

hilarious! such a clever little guy!