Sunday, April 27, 2008

Still pregnant....

Sundays are tough when you are pregnant and over-due. People at church like to say things like "You're still here??!!??" and "No baby yet??!!??" My favorite part of this whole situation is that they ask it like I had something to do with the whole situation! As if I'm not doing my part to have this baby! Well, I just want everyone to know, I have been doing my part! FOR SURE!
Here is my pregnant tummy, complete with the belly-button protrusion. Our little neighbor boy lifted up my shirt (quite unexpectedly) this week and said, pointing to my belly-button, "is that the baby's nose?" Although embarrassing to have my large white belly exposed to the neighborhood, it was a very funny comment.
So, on to doing my I am jumping on the trampoline the day before my due date (my due date was yesterday for the record). In addition to jumping, I have walked about 1000 miles, done countless hours of yard work including jumping on the shovel to edge the garden, Had two different foot massages, and yes I have even swallowed castor oil...on a few different occasions. I guess I am learning that this little Ditto will come when she is good and ready...unless she doesn't come before Wednesday, then I will be induced on my dr.'s recommendation.
There's the update on how the pregnancy is going...thanks to all of you who haven't called to say "Do you have a baby yet?" I promise to be the first to shout it from the house tops when it happens. We are all very eager and looking forward to meeting the newest member of our family!!


Jennifer said...

I hear you, Annie! I was 6 days late with all 4 of my babies so I feel your pain. I did all the "tricks" people told me to do, but have learned (as you said) that the baby will come when it is ready. I had plenty of rude comments - mainly at church. Along with the, "You're still here?" there was the classic, "You look like you're about to pop!" Fielding the pregnancy questions is really hard when you are the one carrying the baby!

I couldn't believe a girl at church once. She was due 5 days before me and had her baby 2 weeks early. She sat next to me in RS with her newborn and said "when is your due date? ...I saw you over there in sacrament meeting and just thought 'oh my gosh! I can't imagine still being pregnant!' I can't tell you how glad I was to have my baby early! My first was early too, and oh, I just don't think I could have lasted." It was all I could do to stay composed, but inside I was dying! Could she really be that clueless of my feelings?!

Good luck! Each day you can be "one day closer" to having your baby! I'm rooting for you!

Molly said...

i also feel you pain. :) william was 8 days late and would have been later if i hadn't taken your suggestion and swallowed castor oil (sorry that didn't work for you this time around!). anyway-- hang in there. i'll be praying for a speedy delivery, once little ditto makes the decision to leave your warm tummy. :) love you! m

Ditto Family said...

Well, I'm glad I didn't call. I would be lying if I didn't say I was tempted.

Can't wait for our phone call!

Amanda said...

I always go early like 3 weeks early but I am so little in stature that it is a good thing or I would die! I am already ready to by that point! But with my fourth when I was barely 6 months I had people asking me how much longer! I know I looked like a house but give me a break I litterally had 12 weeks left!!! I hate that "you are still here comment!" Some times I just wanted to say, Nope we had the baby last week but decided to leave her home. I just still look like a house! DUH! Anyway I feel your pain and hope all goes well!

jaime said...

My heart goes out to you Annie! Please call if you need anything... like a walking or trampoline partner! :) Hang in there and hope all goes well when your little girl Ditto finally decides to come!