Friday, May 9, 2008

And then there were 3...

Here they are...all together, and can you believe all three of them are looking at the camera, sort of??!! It's a miracle!
Hailey and I have been at home for a whole week now. I have been spoiled by my sisters with tons of babysitting, and of course the ward has brought some meals, so we're doing good so far. Maybe the hardest adjustments have been the intensity of Laynie's tantrums since we've been home, and that the kids have figured out they need only wait until mommy is nursing, and they can pretty much do whatever they want. Yeah, they are good partners in crime.
I am totally in love with Hailey. You know the feeling that your heart is going to bust right open? I have felt that so often in the last week just looking at Hailey. She has been a great sleeper, only waking up twice a night for the past few days! and she has nursing down pat.
Thanks to everyone who has helped with 'the adjustment' has gone pretty smoothly so far!


Amanda said...

Here is a tip someone once gave me when you have kids that like to get naughty when mom is nursing. Get a basket and get a few things (new) that are really special for the older kids to do while you are nursing. They can only get into the basket while mom is nursing. We got special books, coloring books, or small games, puzzles... or even a really short video for them to watch. The only way to make it work is to keep it only for that time though other wise it looses it's effect. This cut down a ton on those little sneaky moments and mommy loosing her mind everytime I just wanted to just sit nurse and not have to yell "get out of there" or put the baby down to stop someone from doing something really bad! But it worked for me!

Ditto Family said...

I can't believe how many pictures you have gotten with Hailey's eyes open. I'm so glad that she has been such a good baby so far. Lucky!!

Yep, now exactly about the tantrums that you are experiencing the other Princess of the household. Let's see...we have been experiencing them for about four years now. I think they were actually the worst when she was about two years old. Good luck! All I can say is try and dethrone her : )