Friday, March 27, 2009


Finally a sunny and sort-of warm day!!! Hallelujah!, that was miracle #1, and the fact that I got a picture of all 3 kids smiling was miracle #2! Addison had half-days all week long, and I had used up all my keeping-busy ideas, so THANK GOODNESS they could play outside today!! Even Hailey loved it, she crawled all over the grass and ate a little I think. Still no teeth for our little Hailey, but she has almost perfected the art of mess making! She still is the easiest , happiest baby I know and makes everyone smile!

Miracle #3, George and Lucy came over and kept Addison and Laynie entertained OUTSIDE for 2 full hours! I didn't even know what to do with myself!! (okay, that's a lie) It was a dream come true though.

Awww, so cute....

I went to Parent Teacher Conference with Addison's teacher this week. He showed me a story that Addy wrote about his sister biting him! He drew a stick figure with 'her' mouth wide open and another stick figure with tears running down 'his' face. Poor Addison, he's such a victim!!

And here is the scary offender! Actually Laynie is my biggest helper. She loves to load the diswasher, and help me sort to laundry, lately when I ask her to do something she answers "Of Course!" But, one should be careful that the wrong thing is not said to her...she can also have a pretty firey temper!

Daddy came home just in time to enjoy some of the sunshine himself! There is nothing the kids love more than wrestling their dad! Kelly has been working hard, taking some ski days, and playing some mad basketball with his church team! But he always makes time for his favorite people!


Campbell Family said...

You have BEAUTIFUL children!!

kyleyetter said...

I miss basketball! :o( I also miss warm weather, and it's only been a day! It snowed 3-4 inches while we were in church today!