Monday, March 9, 2009

A week of giving...

I just saw that this is my 100th post! WooHoo! I hope you all have enjoyed the 100 insights into our lives that I have been 'giving.' Give is the catch word for this post because I have been thinking a lot about giving this week- Kelly and I watched an awesome speech called "Why giving matters" If you have 30 minutes or so, I would HIGHLY recommend it...just click here and you can watch/listen. Anyway, the speaker talked about all the benefits of giving and all the wonderful things giving does for the giver, and then said something like this: If the government takes away the responsibility of giving from the people of this country, we will be a poorer more miserable country that ever before. I totally agree with that!
I have been given so much in my life...but I'll just share a few things that happened this week-
THANK YOU to Blayre/Julia for GIVING Kelly and me a great day on the slopes!! Kelly and I went to 49degrees north on Saturday to do a little snow boarding and LOVED it! It was so fun to spend a whole day together doing something we love.
Kelly was GIVEN a great compliment by his boss in their weekly news letter, he pointed out to everyone what a fantastic week Kelly had had and that he had done it in 4 days because he spent a day in Olympia for "Small Business Day at the Capitol." (Kelly really did have an amazing week!) Way to go babe- thanks for giving me a wonderful life!
I made this sign for some good friends-- it is their family turned out good, and they loved it. When they asked how much, I told them and they handed me cash, plus a card...only later did I find out that inside the card was a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant! They are some of the most GIVING people I know! We had an auction this weekend for the boy scouts to raise money for scout camp and this same couple bought several of the cakes being auctioned off and then promptly cut them up and passed out pieces!! They are great examples of giving!

Now that I have posted a project picture, here are a few more...above is the design for the girl who cuts my hair! She GAVE me a hair cut/highlights and I GAVE her some vinyl for her salon! I love sweet trades!

Here is my favorite of the projects we worked on last week. This 'coat rack' is right inside our back door, and hopefully it will solve the problem of coats being strewn all over the kitchen! That's the plan at least, and if it works it will 'give' me a little more sanity!
One more thought on giving...I hope Addison doesn't 'give' his fever/sore throat to anyone else! He was one miserable boy yesterday!...but I do have to admit I love the snuggles that he 'gives' when he doesn't feel good! It's really the only time he ever even holds still!


Ditto Family said...

Wow--what a great week of GIVING!! You coat rake idea is so creative. You never stop coming up with such great ideas. Way to go Kelly with your hard work AT work!!!

byoung said...

with all that giving i thought you were going to do a giveaway-
whats with that


The Ditto clan said...

Love your new projects! Your sign looks great. Kudos to Kel for the awesome week at work.

Julia said...

I love all your giving-ness. And the coat rack is awesome!

Snookfam said...

How do you do your boards for your signs? Where do you get wood, how you do edges? Paint type? etc.