Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This picture was actually taken LAST Tuesday, when the weather was L.O.V.E.L.Y and the kids were in Heaven. Unfortunately today, it is about 40 degrees and threatening RAIN! But last week was a sweet little glimpse of what's to come!

So the kids did the classic sprinkler-under-the-trampoline to "cool off" from the brutal 77 degree weather!! They loved it and so did I because they played outside for like 4 hours and then we ate dinner outside too!!

My mention of dinner outside must be accompanied by a sweet deal story. I was driving through a little neighborhood, and there on a driveway was a picnic table and 2 long benches and on it a sign that said $10. Yes Please!! So perfect for our deck! But, alas, how would I get it home? The mini van wouldn't quite cut it. That's when the little grandpa selling it said "I can drop it off for you." Wow, it just keeps getting better! When I asked the cute couple if I could pay extra for their delivery, the little grandma said "No, we're just happy it found a good home." So am I, so am I.

Well, Tuesday also ended perfectly with FREE cones at Ben&Jerry's!! It was their anniversary or something... Anyway, Ben&Jerry's is right downtown, so we got the free cones and walked down by the river and let the kids play in the little park area-- are we the best parents or what? Sprinkler, Picnic, Ice Cream, Park, what more could a kid want in a day?

Sweet Hailey will be 1 on Thursday!! So she'll get a nice Hailey-only blog then...check back! But she DID finally get some teeth, 6 of them in fact...so she is not turning a toothless 1- Hooray!!

Addison and I have been reading chapter books like crazy. Magic Tree House and Secrets of Droon. He is really into them and gets so excited for reading! He gave a talk in Primary on Sunday and read the WHOLE THING (minus 2 words) ALL BY HIMSELF! Speaking of 'all by himself'...he also made a ham and cheese sandwich with NO HELP from mom-- I love it when he is independent and helpful! We are super proud of you Addison!

I need to post a most-current picture of Laynie, because currently she has a pretty sweet shiner! She was jumping on the bed at a friend's house and fell near the side of her eye on the wooden railing meant to protect a child from falling out of the bed! When she woke up the next morning, she had a lovely dark purple circle under her eye...so fun to explain to everyone at church what happened...


Ditto Family said...

Sweet deal indeed!!! Yes, you are the best parents. So glad Hailey will turn one with teeth. Can't wait for her update

Christy said...

Did you visit the garbage goat? I love Riverfront Park.