Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thirty-one and Six!

August First is a big day at the Ditto house! Addison and I BOTH celebrate our birthdays! and celebrate we did this year!! Addison told me that his party was "the best party of his whole life!" and my day also ranks right up there as one of the BEST birthdays of my life! (that says a little more than Addison, since I have a few years on him!!)
We painted this sheet to hang up at Addison's party-the kids loved this project and I think it turned out pretty cute.

Addison really was a great birthday present for me those 6 SHORT years ago! I can't believe he's getting so big!
BTW- Thanks to my dad for taking most all of these pictures! My parents and sister Emily drove from Seattle to Spokane to be with Addison and me on our birthdays! THANKS guys!!

Even though it wasn't Hailey's birthday, she had a great time too- She went swimming with the kids in the kiddie pool (we HAD to do something to cool off, it was 100 degrees that day!) and she loved all the balloons, attention, and especially the cupcakes!

Doesn't Kelly look GREAT in an apron!! I really think he should try it on more often! Kelly mastered the BBQ at the party and did a terrific job!

The old 'sprinkler under the trampoline' trick...another attempt at staying cool on such a HOT day!

Addison asked for Batman cupcakes, so even though they are not really the caliber of cake that I love to try out (okay, they're just plain boring!) They made him happy, so that's all that matters!

Addison got quite a few presents (which he informed me is his favorite part about birthdays)- his favorite present was a robot from mom and dad...sometimes I think dad thought the present was for him though! He has had just as much fun with it as Addison has!
A few days before Addison's birthday he said "Mom, do you know what I really want for my birthday?"
"No, What?" (fully expecting the an answer like 'Backugan' or Spiderman' etc.
The answer: "A card full of dollars!"
Wow, that's what I would want too buddy!
Incidentally, the next day his Primary teacher sent him a birthday card with $1 bill inside. Addison danced around the house for a long time chanting "It's just what I've always wanted!!!"

UP, UP, and AWAY!

Kelly TOTALLY surprised me on the morning of my birthday and took me flying!! He met a SUPER nice couple through work who have their own plane, so he arranged with them for a beautiful flight over Spokane and Coeur d'Alane!!

I sat in the driver's seat and I FLEW the plane!! and I LOVED IT! so, when we're rich and I get my pilot's license, I'll take everyone for a ride on their birthday!

This was my view as we flew over Lake Coeur d'Alane! and I thought we were just "going out to breakfast" (what Kelly told me...) He scores MAJOR points for this surprise, not only was I TOTALLY surprised, but it was a wonderful experience and will be such a fun memory!

I also got my hair cut that day, AND Kelly got me an ice-cream cake!! So, what could've been better? I can't think of anything!! (Okay, maybe if like ALL the people I love were there to celebrate with us...but we did have quite a few!)

Now that Addison is six, he can do scary things like jump off the high dock at the cabin and swim under water! He is loving chapter books lately- in fact Aunt Emily gave him the Chronicles of Narnia for his birthday, and he's super excited to start that one...(we'll see how that goes, it might have to wait a couple more years). We love you Addison and are so proud of you! Thank you for being a sweet brother and wonderful son!

Laynie had a rough day on Addison's birthday because it wasn't HER birthday! With every present, balloon, and cupcake her pout was a little more dramatic- but hey, December is just right around the corner! Laynie is signed up for a ballet class in the fall, but we have yet to find a preschool! Ahh! I need a miracle for that one to work out!

Hailey is a full-fledged walker lately! She cruises, and it still catches me off guard how fast she can get into trouble! She loves to talk and sing. I was trying to teach Primary on Sunday and Hailey was there with me "singing" her part of the lesson- LA, LA, LA!!! The kids loved it; me not so much. I know I have always written or talked about how silly my babies are, but Hailey takes the cake! She is sillier than silly that she laughs at herself! But we sure LOVE her cute personality and the way she makes us all laugh!


Amberli said...

happy birthday beautiful! you're the hottest 31 year old i've ever seen. sorry for not saying happy birthday when i left you a message yesterday! oops! this summer has just flown by. speaking of flying, so fun that you got to go flying on your b-day. darek surprised me with a flying trip on my birthday one year and unfortunately we had just had a huge steak dinner and my stomach was not stoked about the flight! i'm glad you had a better time. love you!

Christy said...

looks like a great day! I absolutely love Cour'de lane ( ya i can't spell). Props to Kelly for that one!

Mary said...

we have the exact same grill. and I love the trampoline spray picture. happy birthday to you both.

todd & nicole said...

Happy Birthday. I remember eating birthday cake in the hospital when Addison was born. Sounds like was a great day this year as well.

Ditto Family said...

Way to celebrate!!! Sure sounds like it was an awesome party. So did you get sick on your flight?

The Ditto clan said...

Happy Birthday you two, wish we could have been there!

jaime said...

Happy Birthday to both of you!! Looks like a super fun way to celebrate... Kelly definitely scored some bonus points this year! :)

Anonymous said...

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pics are great....
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