Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Here is our big 4-year-old on the morning of her birthday...this is a day she has looked forward to since last January! and it FINALLY came! We love you Laynie! Happy Birthday!

Dawning the sweet crown that her preschool teacher gave her...Laynie actually got 3 parties, one for friends, one for family, and one at pre-school! Could life be any better?

Make a Wish!

Decorating aprons at her friend party! I found these apron kits on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids- they cost me $1.49 each...but the original price tag said $29.00!! I mean, they were cute...but definitely NOT $29.00 cute!

The 2.2 seconds of JOY that come from opening presents!
We LOVE you Laynie!!!

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Ditto Family said...

Yeah Lanie!!! Happy late Birthday! I can't seem to keep up with everyone's birthdays in our family. What a fun day for Lanie.