Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some Random Tidbits from life lately...

Are these the most fun treat you have ever seen? If you have never made/tried CAKEPOPS, you should! You mix a baked cake with icing, roll the goo into balls, and dip those balls into chocolate! What could be better?? These were for cousin Chloe's birthday, and they were a hit!

The same day we celebrated the afore mentioned birthday, we also celebrated FATHER"S DAY! Amazing breakfast in bed, a new camera lens, and 4 HUGE Root-Beer Float mugs complete with a case of Root Beer was what we got our daddy :) The camera lens was a HUGE hit, and this picture of Laynie was the first picture ever taken with said lens.

If you look closely, you can see that one of Laynie's front teeth is gray :( She was paying frisbee with her friend (a little 5-yr old) when suddenly there was screaming, blood, swollen lips, and apparently a tooth that had been knocked from its spot and died...all that from a frisbee! It doesn't seem to bother her at all though, her mom (yes me) is way more sad about it than she is!

I couldn't find a great picture of Addison from the past couple of weeks...mostly because I don't think he has held still long enough for anyone to take a picture! He was in heaven to have his cousins here an extra week after the wedding, and lately we have visited the local pool where he swims for seriously 4 hours straight...this boy's energy astounds me.

Hailey also astounds me with just how cute she can be! and how she can flash a smile at her daddy and get whatever she wants! Hailey can sing every song imaginable, she 'swims' like a fish, and has also picked up a few habits I don't totally love...like the other day when I said "Let's go put Jammies on..." and she said "No, I NOT put jammies on!" and promptly ran away. "I NOT" is her new phrase- but sometimes even that is cute :)

Talk about cute...check out my black eye! Okay, I know it's not bad at all, but it's my first black-eye ever, so I had to post! I was reading stories to Addison and Laynie in bed, and Laynie sat up to readjust, and then promptly laid back down, right on my eye! Actually, when my eye is open it just looks like I'm wearing purple eye shadow :)

And here's a sad story, with a happy ending: I rear-ended a lady last week...she had slammed on her breaks right as I was looking in my rear-view mirror to see why Hailey was crying, when I looked forward, I slammed on my breaks, but I was too late. I say this story has a happy ending because our favorite neighbor Steve, called the junk yard, found a new hood and bumper, took them to Macco to be painted, and tomorrow will put them on my van! and all for under $400! (Steve still owes me hours for babysitting, so it's not ALL out of the kindness of his heart....but still!) I still wish it hadn't happened, and I still feel STUPID when I re-tell the story, but hooray for insurance and awesome neighbors!


Ditto Family said...

Great post! Even better because I feel apart of almost each picture. So sad about your eye.

Anonymous said...

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