Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Begins!

It has officially begun! And the kids are loving it... Here are the girls on Addison's 'Field Day' -yes Hailey has cookie all over her face-

Speaking of Hailey, I should probably mention that the girl has an unusual love of airplanes- she can even hear them from inside the house sometimes and stop what she is doing to tell everyone that she hears an airplane... is this some sort of crazy sign or something?
Laynie loves to help- she'll come in the bathroom when Kelly and I are taking a shower, and she'll lay out all of the things we need to get ready...deodorant, lotion, shaving cream, hair stuff, etc! Then she'll hand each one to us as needed :) Very helpful.

Mr. Cool here is trying his best at Field Day...he finished school with flying colors- His teacher tested him to the end of 2nd grade in his reading! He LOVES school, but was also excited for summer. His summer didn't start off too awesome though, he threw up Sunday night a few times and then took most of Monday to recover, but he's feeling better now.

The Long Jump

On an unrelated note, I have been busy getting ready for Blayre's bridal shower at my house...I found these pots at Good Will and painted them blue- they turned out super cute!
We're so excited for you Blayre!!


Casey Pickett said...

Annie Ditto, your creativity astounds me. Those pots are so cute. That's all.

P.S. This is Katalyn, not Casey.

Angelica said...

We're headed up to Seattle today to move in. Can't wait to get together! I'll give you a call this week.

emily a. said...

I can't wait to see all of your pictures of Blayre's wedding. Those pots are adorable. I love how they are different but painted the same color.

Ditto Family said...

The pots are super cute. PLease keep the throw up to yourself.

Jeanne said...

Finally some new pictures on your blog. I love it but and hungry for more. I want to see the girls in their puffy skirts. Love Mom