Monday, July 26, 2010

Dear Lake Cavanaugh,

This year our lake Cavanaugh trip was planned a little last minute, in fact Sara didn't even think she would be able to go cause Birch couldn't get off work...well, forget about husbands then! We'll take the kids and go by ourselves! That's what my mom used to do!! So, we did it- Sara and I left with 11 kids in tow (her 6, my 3, and 2 of Deena's) and took off for my FAVORITE place on earth!!
that was such a good decision...(I'm really proud of you Sara!)

Best friends/best enemies- Hailey and Chloe

The boys taking the paddle boat out for a ride...

Bedtime snack in jammies on the dock...thanks for the undies shot Laynie!!

See, and husbands eventually DID show up after their boring work stuff was all done-
this ladder-ball game was a huge hit this year, among the kids AND the double mint twins above.

Good thing Hailey sported this super-trendy life jacket, cause she actually DID fall off the dock into the lake- but being the daredevil she is, it didn't even phase her!

Laynie loves Lake Cavanaugh, just like her mommy!!

No lake trip would be complete without a good game of "I-throw-the-ball-to-you-and-you-catch-it as-you-jump-off-the-dock" It's a great game, perfect for the show-off gene in each of the Ditto brothers.

P.S.- could the weather have been any better? Oh my word it was AWESOME!!!

So studly.

And here's how I spent most of my time, in my suit, in the sun, reading! I finished two books, and one since then- I LOVE SUMMER!! (btw, I read The Hunger Games and L.O.V.E.D. it!, can't wait to get my hands on the second book!)

So Studly, again.

The last night there we promised the kids a fire to roast marshmallows- I started the fire which I have to say was ROARING before I knew it...didn't know I had some pyro-maniac in me huh?
We Love you Lake Cavanaugh! We'll be back soon!!!

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Snookfam said...

Looks like so much fun! Congrats for you girls on not letting the husbands hold you back from going. And they always seem to catch up to the fun eventually.

Congrats also on the books. I love summer reading as well. Hunger Games was so good, wasn't it. Catching Fire (the second)is great as well. And even the third is coming out very soon. I cant wait for that one.