Monday, July 12, 2010

Dittos + Montana = F.U.N.!!!

The kick-off to our Ditto Family reunion was an amazing float down the Missouri River! The scenery was gorgeous, the water fights avoided (due to small children), and the snacks were plentiful! We sang, threw grapes to the other rafts, tried desperately to follow Captain Logan's instructions, and had a Marvelous time!

That night was a campfire with lots of smores- here's Grannie snuggling two cute granddaughters...

And here the boys are LOVIN the fire!

So many Dittos! and there are a bunch missing too...had Sara/Birch, Brent/Deena, and Tavia/Vaughn been there, there would have been 20 more of us!!!
I LOVED getting the know the cousins who I had only met briefly at our wedding one hundred years ago! and I LOVED meeting cousins I had never met! It was a BEAUTIFUL trip and a memory that will last forever!


Rodger said...

Great family photo!

Rach said...

Yay Annie!! Super cute blog. And I loved that reunion so much as well. I have Ditto pride, that's for sure. :-)