Monday, September 13, 2010

This post is way late, I know...but just for the record, WE HAD AN AMAZING TIME IN SEATTLE! We spent the first day downtown, eating fish & chips, visiting Pike Place, and relishing all the memories that are always abundant when I visit my home :)

Pike Place is a difficult place to keep track of 5 children, thank goodness for some extra sets of hands and eyes!

(The afore mentioned hands and eyes) Casey and Katalyn were the life of the party...and certainly the favorite aunt and uncle that day!

Dear Fish and Chips on the waterfront: I love you.

Ferry boat.

Emily's girls-camp tiara really made this outfit, don't ya think?

Okay, on to our 2nd day...the beach!!! and not only did the kids get to play and hang out with their cousins, I got to see Jaime!! YAY!! It was so good to see you Jaims! Hopefully every summer will bring us to Sea-town at the same time!

Laynie and Ella's favorite game: roll in the sand, then wash off in the waves!

I had to put this one in cause Aunt Becca was so impressed with Addison's throwing arm! His rock went farther than hers every time! Time to sign him up for baseball I guess!

Day 3 = Seattle Science Center!! It's fun to go to a place you haven't been to for 20+ years and realize, it's almost exactly the same!!

Addison trying uncle Bill's hat on...

The crazy mirror...

The touching tide pool...

The N.A.S.T.Y. Madagascan cockroach...yeah, Hailey HELD it!

Laynie on top of a...giant grub? larva? not sure really.

Yes people that's me, like 100 feet in the air on a weighted bike! sweet ride!

Hailey fitting in the circus box.

It's a little tighter squeeze for mommy.

And the famous fountain...we when first sat down the fountain action was coordinating with Nirvana's "Smells like Teen Spirit"- so Seattle!


Ditto Family said...

What awesome pictures!!! Sure looks like a fun time.

N. Tipps said...

The cockroach...disgusting. I can't believe she wasn't scared of it. Riding that bike...crazy. I could not have done that without a major panic attack. Just thinking about it is scary, but good for you!