Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer's End

Labor Day was chilly and felt just like a fall day in Spokane, so I guess it really did mark the end of summer...which is kind of lame since we really only had 2 warm months- no one's garden did very well this year- but on the up side, we didn't melt with heat in our non-air conditioned house, and we didn't spend a million dollars going to the I won't complain any more!

We took Nana and Papa to Greenbluff on Labor Day and found a farm that had a late crop of raspberries!!! So Yummy! Laynie was my best picker!

Addison was my best eater...

Then we walked over to the peach orchard and picked there...right before this picture Laynie held 2 peaches up right at her chest and said "Look! 2 big ones!" Kelly and I thought that was pretty funny...

These peaches were SO good! I made freezer jam, cut a bunch up and froze them for smoothies, and peach crepes for breakfast. Delish!

See what I mean? Delicious!

Then we played at the farm's park area...yeah, I've still got it!

Underdog daddy!!!

Papa's got it too...

And Kelly....

And Addison!!

Even Hailey had a fun turn on the bar!

And then it was off to Pig Out in the Park at River Front park! We actually ate some lunch too, not just ice cream!

But faces with ice cream on them are much cuter than faces with lunch all over them...Hailey has both :)

Kelly tried to eat the clock tower for lunch!

And of course we played on the big red wagon!

Thanks for coming mom and dad! It made Labor Day so fun!! We love you!!!!

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Ditto Family said...

Once again, great pictures. Are these all with Kelly's new lens?