Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Night Jack-O-Lanterns!

Hailey in the pondering stage: "hmmm, how shall I do it??"

Laynie loving the "yuckiness" of pumpkin guts.

" Dad, why are you making me pose, I just want to use a knife and start slashing away at this pumpkin!"

In the end, it's really mom that scrapes all the guts out...fits perfectly with all my other dirty jobs!

YAY! All carved...and only five minutes past bedtime!

Yeah, this is what most of the pictures we took looked like...

Candles in pumpkins, cookies in hand, Happy Halloween!!!


Mary said...

Almost every time ours becomes a 2 night project to get the kids in bed at a reasonable time.

Ditto Family said...

We just did ours on Monday too.

Rodger said...

I need to find "Someone at Edmonds Loves Me!" tee shirts!! Sorry about not coming this weekend. Maybe this week sometime. I leave Saturday for PA to baptize a college student who had all the discussions at our house. Love you. Dad