Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Laynie is 5!!!

I always hear my mom's voice in my head when I found out Laynie's due date (my mom's b-day is the 18th of Dec...) She made me promise to make Laynie's birthdays special and not just lump them in with Christmas (childhood experience on her part perhaps?) Anyway, we have tried to make Laynie's birthdays just as fun and special and everyone's of course! So here is her requested Hello Kitty cake, frosted at 6:30am! Maybe I should always wake up early!!

We made necklaces at her party, so here's the girls (and Quinn the little brother) showing off their new jewelry. The idea of making necklaces sounded so fun when I thought of it...after the 500th bead fell to the floor, I was wondering what I was thinking!

Laynie also requested a pinata, and lucky me...I found a butterfly pinata at Goodwill like 2 months ago!- for $.99!! So, here's the party, moved down to the scary basement, pounding the butterfly hoping for treats...

Especially my little Hailey LOVES treats. She also loves the Halloween socks she is wearing in this picture. But I'm not complaining- at least she has clothes on! Lately I will dress her, and she will undress herself to put on one of three "outfits": Laynie's strawberry shortcake swimsuit, the dress-up lady-bug costume, or her "Zoey" leotard...she even slept in the swimsuit last week.

WOO HOO! A whole set of nail polish!!! (it's okay actually, our carpets are already beyond repair.)

You wouldn't know it by her face, but she loved her cake-

Cake and ice cream = life is good!! We love you Laynie!! We can't believe you're already 5!! Happy Birthday!!


Ditto Family said...

So fun to be apart of Laynie's birthday party! Totally impressed with your cake. The basement must have heated up because I didn't see any winter coats on down there -- awesome deal on such a cute pinata.

Shawna said...

That is one awesome Hello Kitty cake, Annie! Is there anything you can't do??? Happy birthday Laynie!