Monday, December 6, 2010

Where did November go?
My own mother has called me to repentance for not updating my blog sooner, and it's true, it's been too long...To think that December is here already is Crazy! but exciting! We are LOVING the Christmas Spirit everywhere!!!

To back-track a little, Thanksgiving was wonderful! We gathered the WHOLE Ditto clan into Grannie's house for fun, games, incredible food, and Memories!!! This family shot is pretty amazing considering the fact that the photographer is also IN the picture (thanks Birch!!) There are 22 grandkids now! (the OTHER reason for the amazing-ness of this one is sobbing, fighting, or running away! YEAH!)

Thanksgiving day it snowed all day! It was a wonderful holiday feeling to watch the snow fall... from inside :) and it just kept right on snowing! We broke the record in Spokane for the snowiest November!! and the kids are LOVING it!! We made this snowman together, and then Addison built one of his own- he was very proud.

Snow Angels...actually they were being angels that day, playing so well together- it's when we stay cooped up in the house a little too long that the angelic behaviors seem to dwindle a little...

Does this girl look happy or what?!!?

And on Friday we picked out our lucky tree! We had grand plans this year of driving into the mountains with our cheap permit and cutting a tree ourselves! but...the snow put a damper on those plans, so this tree came from a nice little parking-lot sale, and it looks perfect in our living room!

Merry Christmas!! We are loving this season!!


Mary said...

Suuuuuuper cute. I am so, so jealous of the snow.

Ditto Family said...

Oh what fun!