Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One Fine Day!

The first day of April was one fine day at the Ditto house!  Laynie got her first dollar from the tooth fairy!!  Congratulations Laynie!
We also started a new general conference tradition...conference pancakes! the shape of ties! everyone got to decorate their "tie" and they were delicious!
Addison's tie was clearly more for taste than looks :)
Personally, I think mine should win the prize...
But Kelly thought his were clearly superior.
That night we finally had an evening of NO RAIN and could let off our lanterns in memory of grandpa Ken!  Birch and Sara started this tradition and invited everyone to participate- it was a very special experience and a great evening of thinking of and remembering grandpa Ken.

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b said...

Um, can I come to your house for conference!!??