Sunday, March 25, 2012

 WOO HOO!  Addison's first Pine Wood Derby! He (and Kelly) had a great time making his car and designing it...of course it had a "Y" on it, and Addison also requested the red flames!   
 Although tough to see- Addison's car is winning the race above!
 The girls made Addison this sign...about 3 minutes before we walked out the door...and we held it just long enough to take a picture :)
 Maren is Addison's biggest fan!
 Such a fun night!

Especially because Addison won 2nd place!! He was thrilled to win a trophy!!  Way to go Addison! (and Kelly!)

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Amy & Greg said...

Seriously, has it been that long? Is Addison really old enough to be doing Pinewood Derby? Crazy how time flies!