Monday, March 19, 2012

Cruise Day 5- Curacao
Our last port! We started the day by seeing the Hato caves...a cool little Curacao history lesson from our guide made it a great adventure! and yes there were bats!
They only allow you to take pictures in 2 places in the caves...this is one of them, with Kerissa :)
Kelly being dramatic/funny...
The famous pastel buildings in Curacao's downtown area...whenever i googled 'Curacao' this is the picture that always came up!
Down town by the floating market with the gang.
The floating market is where the boats from Venezuela come to sell their produce- we bought some Mangoes and they were the BEST I've ever had! (and I've had a lot of Mangoes!) and I bought Passion fruit- LOVE IT! and we also tried something the seller called plums, but were the size of cherries- they were good too!
They beach in Curacao was beautiful! and the snorkeling was awesome! Do you love Kelly's leg flip?

We crossed a floating bridge to get to downtown and the beach, and on our way back, they had moved the bridge to let boats pass! So, we took the ferry across the harbor...
They happy jump!
These amazing pictures were taken by Kelly Ditto! They look like postcards!
Curacao was really beautiful!
Another formal night that night, and another dress of Mary's :)  thanks Mimi!!
The best towel creation of the trip!! a monkey!!


Mary said...

That dress... it's so.... flouncy!

byoung said...

cute swimsuit-looking good!!!

Amy & Greg said...

Annie, one of our dear friends is from Curacao! So fun to see pictures of it. He and his wife will be here this weekend so I need to show him the pics. How much fun!!