Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cruise Day 4- Aruba!
 What? I missed day 3 you say? Well, you're right- I didn't devote a blog post to day 3 because the picture below is THE ONLY picture we have of the day...It was a cruising day and so we had a lovely late-ish breakfast that consisted of a granola buffet! I was SO happy- I LOVE granola! and Kelly too!
 Anyway, then he had a super serious basketball game with some of the guys from the company- after they were done, some young twenty-something year olds challenged them to a game...they were pretty good, but Kelly and team won! I watched for all of a 1/2 hour or so before I had to go put my suit on and go lay by the pool!! It was a very relaxing sort of day.
 Aruba, on the other hand, was not what I would classify as relaxing.  We rented ATVs and explored the island!
 We convinced Uncle Mark and Aunt Marlene to come with us!  They didn't have 3 ATVs, so Mark and Marlene got this sweet Gator to cruise around in!
 And here are the'd think they would have learned their lesson about hanging out with us, but they are gluten for punishment! :)
 when we stopped at the Lighthouse, we bought a coconut...sucked out the 'milk' and then watched the crazy guy with a machete cut open the coconut and give us the 'meat'- so tropical.
 We had to stop every so often just to take in the spectacular waves that would crash against the rocks and spray every where!  Kim and I are getting totally soaked in this picture!
 Kelly jumping for joy...ATVs + beautiful view = happy Kelly!
 The next stop we had to make was at the rock formations!  So crazy to be driving along and all of the sudden, every where you look are towers of rocks! Big, small, intricate, basic...there were thousands and thousands of them!!
 Here I am sitting by the tower I built.
 This little chapel is SUPER old...I think it was built in 17__ ? Anyway, it was a nice little stop in the journey.
 Seriously awesome.

 Finally we found a beach, and though there was some cloud cover that afternoon, we had a great swim!
 Notice uncle Mark is the cactus!!
Ready to set sail again- another A-MAZ-ING day!!

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Ditto Family said...

Looks like you got a little burnt this day. I was wondering if Mark and Marlene were on this voyage with you. What another great day! I love that it looks like 30 degrees warmer than my last ATV experience.