Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cruise Day 2- St. Kitts

 We knew we wanted to hike in St. Kitts...the island is one big volcano and that sounded we got off the boat and found ourselves a guide (cause doing it that way cost 1/2 as much as doing it through the ship) Our first stop was this overlook where you can see the volcanic rock...a lot of St. Kitt's beaches have black sand because of the volcano!

 Our guide Henry...56 years old and could run up the mountain if he wanted to...he kicked all of our young butts!

 Taking a little hiking break to take pictures...good thing too, the hike was REALLY challenging- but SO cool, a true rain forest!
 Boy Band pose with the Flecks- they had only met us the night before and we convinced them to come with us hiking! We had such a good time together, we hung out in Aruba too :)
 Crazy trees! Unlike any we've ever seen before!
 This is an "after" shot, it rained pretty good when we got to the top of the mountain, so we are SOAKED! (nice that I chose a white T-shirt that day!)
 We were SO muddy! and pretty exhausted by the end, but we could still appreciate a good view!
 Nasty muddy legs...
4 Happy Hikers!

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Ditto Family said...

How cool that you got a mini abh while on your cruise! Your braids are cute