Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hawaiian Birthday Luau!

Great idea right?! Hawaiian birthday theme? Plenty of decorations at the dollar store, and such EASY ideas for food!  but lets be honest, the real reason we needed to have a Hawaiian theme was because of the dress the Kelly's grandma and grandpa got from Samoa on their mission that has been sitting in my closet for YEARS with no appropriate occasions for me to wear it- so I made the occasion!  The girls all had island-y looking dresses that Kelly and I picked up on our cruise this year, so they were set...

...and Addison's shirt I literally found THE DAY OF THE PARTY at, none other but the quarter sale!!! might be my best find ever...
(Maren just might have been the cutest...)

So Happy Birthday (a couple days early) to Addison (and me) with awesome island cupcakes (which I didn't even get a good picture of, grr!)

(You can ALMOST see the cupcake Laynie is holding...okay no you really can't...)

And because Kelly is the best husband ever, he got me my own cake- yes it was an ice cream cake, and yes it was from DQ. Told you, best.husband.ever.


Ditto Family said...

You look stunning in yellow!

Such a fun party!

Amy & Greg said...

Ah! What fun! I had no idea that we had the ice cream cake from DQ connection, too! That is my favorite for my birthday!