Monday, March 17, 2008

Adventures in New England!

This past weekend I did something I've been meaning to do for 2+ years...I went to Boston to visit Amberli! I have always wanted to see Boston, and circumstances being as they are (34 weeks pregnant) I figured it was now the far distant future; so I opted for now! Thank you Kelly and kids for missing me for a few days!! I had a wonderful time!!
I drove to NYC Thursday night and stayed with Jaime-- THANK YOU JAIME! This broke up the 6 hour trip very nicely, not to mention I got to catch up with Jaime and Jack!
And Friday morning I was off to Boston!
Make Way for the Ducklings!!
This was one of my favorite books as a kid and here is the statue to memorialize them! I was so happy to see that the park where they "live" looks JUST LIKE the park in the book!
Where everyone knows your name!
Here is the Cheers bar...a very popular place to take pictures!

Here is a picture of me on the FREEDOM TRAIL in front of Paul Revere's house. The freedom Trail was a great way to see the famous parts of the city!

Me and Amberli in fornt of the Charles River...kind of a gray day, but I was just happy that it wasn't snowing on us!!

I love subways!! They remind me of the mission! Of course Boston's subway is a little less complex than Munich's or Stuttgart's...but a fun reminder anyway!!

Ode to Amberli...
You know the friends that you don't see for a LONG time, and when you're finally together again, it's like you were never a part...that is Amberli. I love her!! She and I just couldn't stop talking until absolutely necessary (12:30am for example). Thank you for a PERFECT weekend Amberli and Darek!! I loved Boston and I loved seeing you!!


Ditto Family said...

How fun that you got to catch up with an old friend! And even by YOURSELF!! You deserve a trip like that after being on your own recently.

Annie, you look fabulous as usual! I can't believe that your family will be expanding in just a couple of more weeks. Any decision on names yet?

Amy & Greg said...

Oh, it is so fun to see Amberli! One day I will make it to Boston and one of the first places I want to visit is the park in Make Way for Ducklings. I love that book! You look great! Are you really pregnant?