Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tagged again...

What I remember... (thanks Amber for this trip down memory lane)
20 yrs. ago. I was 9 yrs. old, I was in Mrs. Donahue's 4th grade class at Moorlands Elementary in Washington, and I was elected treasurer of the elementry school! That was pretty exciting, although I don't remember having any responsibilities whatsoever. My best frriend was Jodie Hanson, and I had a MAD crush on Josh Carver...I would leave him notes in his coat pockets when I went out to "use the bathroom."
10 yrs. ago. I was 19 and a Sophmore at BYU. I lived with the best roommates EVER- Rachel, Summer, Mindy, Amy, and Andrea. They were the greatest friends I could have asked for! We lived in the Colony and had a SWEET St. Patrick's Day party where all of us wore the same lime-green dress we found at some random store for $4. I was getting ready to be an EFY counselor for the first time (yes, where I met Kelly) and flirting a lot, but not going on many dates.
5 yrs. ago. Kelly and I had been married for about 9 months, I was in my second semester of the Master's program and was 5 months pregnant with Addison. There were some days I thought it wouldn't possibly work to have a baby during college...but it did! I was teaching some undergrad students the general social work lab and trying desperately to figure out statistics from Dr. Spaid! Amberli was my best friend (besides Kelly of course!) and we laughed about how our lives were just the same...right up until I got pregnant...
3 yrs. ago. Our first spring in our "new" house in PA...with project after project that needed to be done! Addison was about 18 months old and was as cute as could be. I think we were trying to get pregnant again. I became fast friends that spring/summer with Tiffany-- the best neighboor ever! and remarkably could always find something to keep me busy.
1 yr. ago. I kept busy by driving Addy to preschool, going to Yoga every Tuesday and Thursday (oh how I miss that!!) and had just started working for LDS Family Services...I was thrilled when I had a night with four or five clients, and now I'm thrilled when I have a night when there are only two :)
So far this year. I continue to have a great pregnancy with number 3, walk Addison to school every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, have battle of the wills with Laynie EVERY day, and am more and more grateful for Kelly as I see couples in counseling every Tuesday night. Went on a fun trip to Utah last month, and recenly survived a major sinus infection!
Yesterday - Went to a baby shower, tried to clean the house a little, hosted a playdate for Addison's best friends: Claire and Ayden, made chocolate chip cookies, and went to a bowling birthday party (all the while missing Kelly like crazy since he is in Spokane this weekend!)
Today -Got the kids ready for church all by myself and was actually there 5 minutes early! Went to mom's house for dinner and hung out until almost bedtime.
Tomorrow - Go grocery shopping!! (no bread, cheese, or fresh anything to be found in the house!) Take Addy to school, survive just one more day without my hubby!
This year - Go to Boston!! (hopefully next weekend!, right Amberli?) Have a baby! Get my figure back, Finish the upstairs bathroom, have a pool pass for the summer, get to Washington sometime this summer, make some more fun memories with our wonderful frieds in PA i.e. Campbells, Barnums, Thomases, etc.


Campbell Family said...

Yea! Thanks for participating. I loved reading about you leaving love notes in coat pockets when you went out. It's fun to hear about former Annie.
I'm also going to try the sweet and sour meatballs. Yum!

Ditto Family said...

So sorry that you have had a terrible sinus infection. Kelly said you had been ULTRA miserable. I know how hard it is to have your husband gone--so I'll thank you for Juje who I am sure doesn't realize that at all.

Sounds like a pretty good year up ahead!