Monday, July 28, 2008

A Weekend in Spokane...

Kelly and Logan are in preparation mode already for their up-coming Rainer hike in September. Even though Kelly despises running, he has gone several times to try to get in shape! Last Saturday Kelly and Logan strapped Addison and George on to their backs and hiked up Dishman Hills. I think Kelly was a little surprised at how tough it was!

But, as you can see, they made it to the top and the boys had a great time. I'm sure this is just the first of many hikes to come!

That night we all met at the park for a BBQ. I wish we had a video of the kids sings "GO Diego" at the top of their lungs! It was pretty hilarious! Addy and Laynie have LOVED being close to their cousins! Addy is a little confused though, last week when he was talking to Claire and Ayden on the phone he said "now you are my cousins and Lucy and George are my firends!" I guess since our cousins have always lived far away, it makes sense to Addy that Claire and Ayden must be his cousins now since they are far away! We miss you guys!!


Tiffany said...

How cute!! Everyone looks very happy. Is it possible that Laynie looks older just in these few weeks away? The Ayden and Claire are missing you guys very much. We'll talk soon!

jaime said...

I agree with Tiffany... I think Laynie looks older and Addie too... especially in that first picture with Kelly. I wasn't even sure it was him at first! :)

Glad you are having lots of fun! I'm sure the kiddos were adorable singing the Diego song! :)
Not a huge fan of Diego myself though. I'm pretty sure Diego has a hearing problem since he speaks sooooo loud all the time, but he does rescue a lot of animals, so I guess he's ok!! :)

Miss you guys!

Amberli said...

it looks like you guys are liking it out there. that's good! i hope things are going great!