Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday at the Lake!

We spent last week in Seattle and at Lake Cavanaugh!! two favorite places!! Addison and I celebrated our birthdays at the lake at the Ditto family reunion! We did a knights in shining armor party for Addy. So, here are all the cousins wearing their armor (emergency blankets with paper coat-of-arms) They all chose funny names (sir-sporty and sir-birthday king for example) and decorated plastic goblets!

Here is Addison's dragon cake...complete with fruit-rollup-wings! The cake was a hit with the kids until it came time to pick a piece (No, I want the leg!! etc.) Thanks to Logan and Julia who coined the phrase "you get what you get and you don't have a fit!" After the kids went to bed, I got my own cake...actually a YUMMY trifle made by my SIL Deena and lots of fun presents!! So I guess turning 30 wasn't so bad!

I'm sure most all of you have seen a similar picture of Kelly waterskiing...but here is the most recent just to prove that he still looks good!! We didn't have a lot of sunny weather, but the guys still had tons of fun skiing, tubing, etc.

Laynie and I had fun in the hot tub! She is is still the sweetest girl one minute and then throws the HUGEST tantrum the next minute, but we love her. No breakthroughs with the potty yet, but then again, we do have a lot going on right now!

Addison tried tubing for the first time! He went with Kelly, but as you can probably read from the picture- he didn't love it. The water was splashing in his face, he was cold, it was scary...should I go on? He is a good little swimmer though, and had a ot of fun on the beach with his cousins.

Okay, is it even possible that a little girl could be so cute? I am IN LOVE with my baby Hailey. She needs nothing but a look in order to smile SO BIG right at you. She was loved by all at our family reunion!


jaime said...

HAPPY 30TH ANNIE! & HAPPY 5TH ADDY! So fun that you share birthdays although you probably would've rather been celebrating than going thru labor about 5 years ago! :) I love all the pics... looks like a great time at the reunion! We think of you guys often... hope all is well! :)

ps.. very impressive on ONE ski Kelly!!

Ann Marie said...

HEY Annie!! Look I found your blog! Haha! Anyways it looks like you have had some really fun times lately! Happy bday! Your kids are very cute! Anyways this is exciting! Have a great day!
PS: We need a rematch in Settlers I think :)

Ditto Family said...

Loved spending time with your family last week!! The kids are counting down to the next Lake Cavanaugh trip...

Tiffany said...

Yes, Kelly is as cool as ever!!
As if I don't miss you guys enough...seeing your pictures makes it worse...and better, at the same time!!
Your reunion looks like so much fun!!
Talk soon!

hello from said...

That place looks familiar. WE miss you guys. Happy days to all. David's fam has a place in Spirit Lake so we'll have go meet up sometime if your up for it. We have to fly into Spokane anyway. Say hello to the fam for us.