Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lake Cavanaugh...round 2!

How lucky are we that we get to go to the lake TWICE a year now...or really whenever we want since it's only a 4 hour drive instead of a plane ride across the country!
I took the kids all by myself to meet up with my sisters and mom for a few days, and it was a blast! Addison and Laynie LOVE their cousins Clay and Ella! Here are some great hot tub shots.

We had GREAT weather on Saturday...which I guess is a rarity in Seattle this summer! I even sported a swimsuit for most of the day! But don't worry, I will spare you pictures of that!!

Here is my Addison, all grown up and starting kindergarten on Tuesday!! I can't believe it! And I must mention my excitement upon learning that it is ALL DAY kindergarten! Is that horrible that I am excited about that? I will probably miss him terribly...I just won't miss the fights that he and Laynie find themselves in several times a day!

Oh how we LOVE aunt Mimi! Mary did matching hairdos on Laynie and herself, so naturally they had to take a picture! Whenever Mimi's name is mentioned, Laynie ALWAYS talks about getting her nails painted and going swimming...Mary has left some undying memories on this little girl!

And here is my little Hailey-- 4 months old today! I broke out some rice cereal to celebrate, but Hailey wasn't thrilled about that...she sure likes her mommy's milk though, as you can probably tell from her double chin :)

Have I mentioned that Lake Cavanaugh is my favorite place in the whole world?! If you have never been, I will take you and you will see what I is beautiful and peaceful and I LVOE IT! Just call me, and we'll go!


paws said...

So...did you get the house?

Ditto Family said...

So you made the trek back and forth safely and sanely again. You are amazing!! Glad you were able to enjoy the week with your sisters and mom.

Addy will love school and NO I don't think that it is bad that you will love having him in school. If it is bad than many of us are guilty of finding that pleasurable.