Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Nope, I'm not as cool as some of my dear friends that are having real twins (Jaime, Brenda, etc.) But how fun is it to dress the girls up in the same outfit! (So cheesy, I know!!) But my mom did it, and we turned out here are my twins!
Too bad Laynie was SUPER uncooperative and wouldn't even really look at me let alone smile! These are the ONLY two shots out of several where her face is even pointed in my direction! But at least Hailey was in her usual form: happy smiley and so adorable!!


Christy said...

Very cute...I don't think Drew would be too happy if I dressed Wynn and Graycen the same...looks like fun. I love the tights.

jaime said...

Such cute pics, your kids are adorable!..., but did I miss something??? Am I having TWINS!!?? John will be soooo shocked!! :)

tania said...

So cute. Your girls are so adorable! I am having so much fun with my twins, too. :-)