Saturday, May 23, 2009

City of Lilacs

Last weekend we were treated to front-row seats at the Lilac Parade down-town! The kids got their faces painted, drew on the side walk with chalk, made necklaces, headbands, and a plethora of other things out of glow sticks, and watched the parade a little bit too!

Laynie only made it until about 9:30pm before she fell asleep on Grannie, and Addison drifted off just after 10pm! The parade was still in full swing, but we decided to head-out a little early, Hailey however was still the life of the party!!

It is no wonder that Spokane is called the city of lilacs; they are every where! This picture is the bush right across the street from our house...I LOVE it! and these big, beautiful lilac bushes are every where I look!

Except for in my yard... Here is our 'lilac bush', if you can even call it that!! So, I need some help...what should I do to help it live a happier life? It is so sparse and dying...any botanical experts out there?

I did find one pretty blossom on our tree to take a picture of...all is not lost!

Totally unrelated to lilacs, is this not the cutest sleeping girl you've ever seen? Hailey's newest trick is to make a noise like a bark when she sees a dog. It comes out more like a little grunt, but it is adorable!


Ditto Family said...

What a fun night! We had a lilac bush at our old house but we didn't do anything to it. I'd love to have one here. They smell divine!

Amy & Greg said...

I am jealous of the lilacs. I commented to Greg around Mother's Day that it just didn't seem like Mother's Day in PHX because there are no lilac bushes in bloom. I love that scent! It is truly a bit of heaven.