Monday, May 4, 2009

It's my Party!

Hailey was a little too eager for her cake and frosting, so she broke into the powdered sugar all by herself and had some handfuls...

And gave some to the floor, her clothes, everything in the pantry, etc.

But it did make for a cute picture!

So, I took the hint and made her a birthday cake...thanks for the idea Family Fun! This cake was great because it had one flower-cupcake for each of the kids at the party! and the 'flower' petals are marshmallows, so the kids were pretty much in heaven!

Wouldn't you call this heaven? Cake all over the face and not even the slightest embarrassed by it!

Hailey got a few presents for her birthday party, including an Elmo (among other things) from Grannie- loved it!

Surprisingly I got a picture of Laynie smiling, even though she was pretty obsessed with the fact that "it will ever be my birthday!" (translation: it will NEVER be my birthday!)

And here are all the kids with their sweet Grannie reading to them- what a great day!


Alexis said...

Those pictures are priceless. And your cake is amazing. Very creative. Great job!

Julia said...

I especially love Lucy's finger up her nose in the last picture. Adorable. Thanks for the fun party!

Ditto Family said...

You are the cake woman! What a great party---

jaime said...

You do the best cakes, Annie!... bunnies, elmo, etc. I LOVE this one... and may need to copy it for Lily in a couple months!! :)

Happy Birthday, Hailey! Never hurts to get a good sugar rush on your b-day, right?! :)

Rodger said...

Can it only be since Christmas that I've seen these guys? They have all grown so much! Annie - your camera skills are getting honed! Two very nice pics (one of each of the girls). I love you and need to see you somehow. Hmmm, how can I get the company to send me to Spokane? Dad

Amanda said...

Love the cake! Very cute!!!