Monday, September 28, 2009

A.ll G.irls W.eekend
All the Ditto girls just finished a BLISSFUL weekend away from real life!

We had a cooking class and made DELISH food!!

This little number was to die for!! For the recipe check out our new sisters blog:

Deena in total disbelief-- how could one dessert be so amazing?

We also did plenty of shopping, went out to dinner...

And made A Lot of crafty dealies while watching chick-flicks!

Our daughters are loving all the new hair accessories!!

Saturday was our SPA PARTY...or should I say HEAVEN! Our only complaint...we wish it were LONGER!

This beautiful arrangement is from my mom-in-law...THANKS MOM! The truffles were AMAZING!
And thanks to my Ditto Sisters for an AWESOME weekend! I can't wait to do it again!!


Ditto Family said...

I'm already counting down the days until next year's AGW!

byoung said...

hope you got to keep that sexy pink robe! ok now we need a pickett all sisters weekend or something.

Amanda Davis said...

I can't tell you how jel I am that you have such an amazing group of s-i-l's!!! I would love love love to do stuff like that. I guess I settle or am blessed to have great sisters in the gospel who are willing to go away to scrapbook weekends with me. So I can't complain to much!!!

emily a. said...

When Sara told me about your weekend I was so envious. We need to do this with my sisters too. I didn't know Sara cut her hair so thanks for posting pictures. Sounds and looks like a fantastic weekend!