Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Yesterday before church I hurried to do a little photo shoot while the kids still looked cute in their new clothes from Nana. A few of them actually turned out alright...
It definitely feels like the last day of summer must be barely 60 degrees right now- but I'll take it! We had a fun weekend ESPECIALLY because BYU beat Oklahoma! Go Cougs!!
Miss Hailey is everywhere lately...and has entered the stage of always having a bump or bruise on her face. I got lucky this day, because her bruise is under her the picture still looks good. She tries her hardest to keep up with the big kids and loves to make them laugh.

Addison is loving first grade- he had homework for the first time last week! While reading Harry Potter last night Addison said: "What does useless mean?"
me: "Well, Ron is talking about his rat that always sleeps and does nothing, so that means he's useless."
Addy: "So if he were awake a lot and running around he'd be 'unuseless?'"
me: "Well actually the word is useful."
Addy: "So I'm unuseless..."
me: "uh, right."
I love to see his little mind work on things.

Miss Laynie is starting preschool in just a couple of days. I've never seen a little girl more ready for school. Ever since the day she realized that Addison goes to school, she has been asking when SHE will go to school. I'm so glad to have an answer for her- THURSDAY!

She also is taking a little ballet class with a few other girls from church. They are all very cute "ballareeias" as Laynie says it.
Kelly just got back from his annual brothers hike, so I'll have him post on that! He is training now at work and enjoying that new challenge!
I am looking forward everyday to the All Girls Weekend that me and all the Ditto girls have planned for the end of can't come soon enough!!


byoung said...

nice pics-too bad we can't get all the kids together in their new clothes from nana-don't you feel like coming to utah???

Campbell Family said...

The pictures look so great and your kids are beautiful! They look so much older.

Rodger said...

Annie - great pics, terrific commentary. Hailey cracks me up - she's growing up so fast. I love you all.

jaime said...

Wow Annie! I just can't get over how much older Addie looks in these pics... it's amazing how much they change in just a short time!! They are all sooo adorable!