Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I really only have one tube of nice (MAC) lipstick. I love it, or should I say LOVED it. While doing the dishes Tuesday night, Hailey found it...and it found her lips, cheeks, chin, nose, clothes, etc., etc.
Good thing she is so cute, otherwise I might be upset! Instead she got a little photo shoot and a bath...I hope that's not positive reinforcement for her to do this again... oh wait, I don't have any more lipstick left! Problem solved.


Tiffany said...

OH MY WORD!! THe kids thought this was hilarious...after they realized it was lipstick and not blood! Their comment after seeing all three of them in the next post, was..."we really need to go see them. they look SO big." I agree.

Mary said...

It's a lovely shade of lipstick. If that makes any difference.

Ditto Family said...

I better hide my lipstick before Haley comes to visit.