Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!
(Once again I apologize for the low-quality pics!...I gotta start using the real camera again!!)
 The kids got a couple Halloween packages from Nana- the first one included these lovely teeth-suckers...mmm...
 And no Halloween is complete without Mama May cookies!! and a whole family night devoted to decorating said cookies!

 We also whipped up some spider-web cookies for the Harvest Party at school!
 For the big night Hailey was a princess (surprise!), Laynie was "Pocahontas",
 Addison was Harry Potter in the awesome robe that Nana MADE him for Christmas!
 And Maren was the cutest little elephant you have ever seen!
 Good thing we have cousins that live in cute (and generous) neighborhood!!
Quite the loot was made, especially by the boys who ran from house to house!!

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Harry Potter is flooded by sweets)) I like the abundance of happiness and joy filling your photos! I also would like to point out my admiration with a little elephant!)