Monday, November 19, 2012

First Day of SCHOOL!!!
I could have shouted with Joy to send the kids back to school this year!!  I love them so much, and I love that they get to go to school to learn and share their 'awesomeness' with others for a portion of their day. This year was particularly exciting because the kids were accepted into the APPLE (alternative parent participation learning environment) program.  This program requires parents to give 90 hrs of volunteer work each year- so the caliber of families in the program is a little different compared to our old elementary school where the demographic was rough.  The kids were nervous to start at a new school, but LOVED it after the first day!

 Hailey was also counting down the days until she got to go back to school- Her teacher this year for preschool is the same one Laynie had for 4-yr-old preschool, and we LOVE her!!
No school for Maren of course, but I'm sure she loves all the extra mommy-one-on-one time!!

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Anne Peay said...

fun playing "ketchup!" You have some pretty darling children. Love the pictures on the porch! Love the updates.

Anne Peay

PS- Jared applied for a job in CA and one in Montana. PLease keep us in your prayers. We are really wanting to get closer to Utah and be in the west.