Monday, November 19, 2012

X Country!!
 Laynie was thrilled to join Addison this year in after school cross country! She took it very seriously and was a good little runner!!
 Here she is about to cross the finish line at her first meet...
 Addison, on the other hand, may have done cross country more for the social aspect- note the 'posey' smile on his face in the picture above, not quite as serious as Laynie perhaps...
 Another posing picture with his two good friends and his teacher Ms C!  What a great teacher to come and cheer her students on!!
Laynie finished 6th at her second meet, which qualified her for the "All City Meet"- I don't know how many girls ran with her at that meet (see picture below) but she finished 20th! It was a cold, rainy day- but we were happy to be there to cheer on Laynie!!

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